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s the driving force behind Hue design Inc. Erika’s over twenty year experience and diversity of project types and sizes is instrumental to the culture of Hue design. With the vast complex project and product knowledge Erika brings with her, Hue design is able to participate in several market sectors such as: Medical, Higher education, K-8, Hospitality, Retail, Institutional, Governmental, Mixed Use and Tenant Improvement projects. Projects in these markets range from 1,00SF to over 250,000SF in both the public and private fields which include both fixed fee and public bid proposal jobs. Within these sectors Erika has participated as a consultant, team member with a designated firm or as an independent freelance designer. Tasks include, but are not limited to: Project Management, Budget development, programming, space planning, phasing diagrams, creation and implementation of design concepts and strategies, modeling, construction documentation, design, furniture and art specifications and interior and exterior color forecasting. Several of her projects have been award winners for not only design, but also in construction and architectural completions in which she was a team designer. In addition to winning awards, several of Erika’s projects have been published on both a regional and national level. Added focus has also been given to a few of these projects, which were highlighted in case studies by internationally recognized brands.

Erika has held positions on the Oregon IIDA board and served at NW Regional design lead for Kaiser Permanente. She has also been a member of the Junior League, City Club of Portland and a supporter of Dress for Success Oregon. In addition to her civic involvement, Erika has also been invited to serve as a guest reviewer of student thesis projects with multiple University design programs in and around the northwest.


hilosophy: Erika’s design philosophy has four core beliefs: The first being that the field of design is very specialized as should be the client, the project and the needs / expectations of the project. It’s with this understanding that no project is alike, so each project is treated uniquely and with careful understanding of the parameters that make it so. Duplication of design and design aesthetics is an injustice to the discipline of design as a whole. So rubberstamping design from one client to another is not an option, unless the brand of the client requires standardization for brand identification / recognition or design efficiency. Core belief number Two: The design / discovery process is a journey the client and designer undertake together. It’s this journey that offers a designer an opportunity to work closely with the client(s) and to educate them so they can make the best decisions for the betterment of the project and their overall needs. With options come opportunities and these opportunities allow the designer to show the client different ways to function or feel in their space and it’s at this time a designer is able to demonstrate either from previous experience or research how this design opportunity is will have the best or most significant impact and outcome for the finished project, while empowering the client to make educated decisions. Core belief number Three: The beat goes on. Just because the project is completed and functioning doesn’t mean the project is finished. The ongoing expectations of the client is vital to the design process and the relationship between the design team and client is invaluable. Both the client and designer benefit from ongoing information sharing as design trends, research and work flow changes manifest. Core belief number Four: Have a good time. Design is fun and the process should be not only fun, but comfortable and open to been collaborative. Genuinely liking the process of the design discovery and making the experience enjoyable for the client and all who enter the project space makes the job well worth it. Design is significant and has great impact on all who are exposed to it. It’s what you see, touch and feel when you enter a space. It guides you and can evoke feelings. The design experience is as singular as the individuals who are impacted by it.

A world without design would be a very boring place.



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